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Endometriosis, infertility

“I suffered from chronic pain due to endometriosis for years before trying acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I suffered through various medical treatments including 2 surgeries, with no relief (I say ‘suffered’ since it seemed sometimes that the effects of treatment were almost as bad as the medical condition itself!). I had reached a stage where I was in constant pain and the condition was seriously affecting pretty much every aspect of my life. I was fairly skeptical of alternative medicine at the time, but eventually started going to East-West Acupuncture Clinic as years of almost constant pain will make you want to try anything! It was the best decision I ever made. Within a few months, on a combination treatment of herbs and acupuncture, I was feeling much better. Steve monitored me and adjusted the herbs and acupuncture to find the best combination at any time, which he is brilliant at. He also kept abreast of all the latest research in the field and incorporated it into the treatment regimen. Then when I decided it was time to start a family, I was having no luck, which is a typical problem for women with endometriosis. Steve changed the herbal treatments that I was on to add herbs that aid fertility. Within 2 months I was pregnant! That was four years ago and I’ve hardly looked back since. I can only imagine how different my life would have been over the last seven years had it not been for Steve, by remembering what it was like for the five years before that, which were dominated by pain. Thanks for giving me my life back Steve!!!” — Denise G