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Chronic Gynecological Problems

I have been going to East West Acupuncture for at least ten years and plan to go for many more. Originally I went to see Steve Snyder for treatment of chronic gynecological problems. He treated me with herbs and acupuncture that helped with symptoms almost immediately. After the original symptoms subsided, I continued to get acupuncture at least once a month to prevent recurrence. I continue with acupuncture and occasionally customized herb treatment to this day, to stay healthy and to treat anything I might be dealing with, such as muscle soreness, headache or stress, Relief is almost always immediate. The ongoing effects of regular acupuncture is indisputable. Acupuncture costs very little when compared with other medical treatment, and is an incredible value. Besides all that, I really look forward to the session, and the relaxed flowing state one enters during treatment. Understanding how acupuncture works is an important part of the mind-body healing process, and Steve is able to describe it in a very down to earth way. Steve also has a very good sense of humor. I highly recommend Steve and East West Acupuncture and herb treatment!