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Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to cure disease and promote wellness. Chinese Herbalists observed closely and meticulously recording their clinical findings, which allowed their successors to advance this knowledge thru the ages and adapt this medicine to different diseases that have developed over time.

Therapeutic effects of Chinese Herbs are a function of Taste and Temperature. Taste refers to the five flavors which are sweet, sour, bitter, acrid (pungent) and bland. Temperature means is the herb hot, warm, neutral, cool or cold. Chinese Herbs are usually used in formulas as groups of herbs, rather than by themselves as western herbs are. Chinese herbs are given to a patient on the basis of a diagnosis, so each herbal formula is tailored to the patient. The diagnosis is formed by questioning the patient, feeling the pulse and sometimes the abdomen, looking at the tongue and sometimes listening to the sound of the breath or voice. Some herbs can build up the body (Ginseng) while others can regulate energy (Citrus Peel), and some can even clear heat from the body (Coptis).

Chinese herbs treat the same conditions as Acupuncture; it is often very beneficial to combine them both when treating a patient, as they can help to extend the acupuncture treatment. Also, Chinese herbs have the ability to add energy (tonify) the body. In fact, the herb Astragulus is often used with HIV patients to help build their immune function.

There are three main ways of taking Chinese Herbal Formulas

  1. Bulk Herbs – raw herbs that are cooked on the stove
  2. Granule Herbs – mixed with hot water or tea
  3. Herbal Formulas – pill or capsule form

We carry or can quickly obtain all of these and only carry the highest quality herbal products from trusted suppliers that are tested to insure there are no impurities. Because problems can arise when herbs are used incorrectly, it’s important to go to an experienced practitioner. At East West, our practitioners are nationally board Certified in Chinese herbal medicine and continue to advance their knowledge in the use of Chinese herbs.