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Stop Smoking Program

Simply put the Best Acupuncture Based Stop Smoking Program in Portland, Oregon

at East-West Acupuncture Clinic

smoking-signThe discomfort of nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, tension and cravings can be effectively treated with Acupuncture. Properly administered Acupuncture in the context of a well planned and complete program is the only therapy which demonstrates a powerful ability to provide relief for withdrawal symptoms allowing the patient to quit smoking naturally.

Our nicotine withdrawal program has been proven thru over 30 years of specialization in helping smokers kick the habit!


Safe and Effective

Acupuncture can safely and effectively help you quit using nicotine. Acupuncture stimulates the brain to release endorphins which produce a profoundly soothing effect. The stimulated “endorphins” can help the body system to cope better during stressful situations. Because of this the aggravation of nicotine withdrawal cravings and anxiety can be greatly reduced in intensity, duration and frequency. Thus

getting  through withdrawal, an otherwise impossible task , can become quite  manageable and in most cases, relatively easy. Our success rate is 80%.



The Four-Treatment Program:

The Four-Treatment Acupuncture Nicotine Withdrawal Program is tailored for the smoker who wishes to get through nicotine withdrawal as rapidly and comfortably as possible. These relaxing treatments are held on four different days during the withdrawal period. A typical treatment plan would be as follows:

Treatment 1-Monday

Treatment 2-Tuesday

Treatment 3-Thursday

Treatment 4-Monday


What’s involved?

The smoker is required to give up cigarettes four hours prior to the first appointment, thereby starting the withdrawal process. The four individually administered private sessions include:

1)  State of the art acupuncture: ultra-fine single use, disposable needles

2)  Mild electro-acupuncture on 4 points

3)  Recommendations on Herbal Formulas that are Calming

4)  Simple Psychological Strategies

5)  A pair of optional ear tacs


What’s the Fee?

The total cost of the program (all 4 treatments) is $375. Rarely a person will need a booster treatment after completing the program those are only $50 (for 6 months after completion)


Important Prerequisites

The person quitting must have made a firm personal decision to stop smoking for themselves not to please someone else.

For seven days one must be willing to be conservative with alcohol intake and get one’s caffeine from non-coffee beverages.

Also, the smoker must not smoke for 4 hours prior to coming in for the first appointment.If a Patient can’t go 4 hours without

nicotine we also have a program with more treatments over 2 weeks. Lastly, schedule your appointments


when you feel you can commit to coming in on Treatment Days

when you feel you can commit to coming in on Treatment Days