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Happy Belated Chinese New Year

This is the year of the Yin Fire Rooster.The confident and resourceful Yin Fire Rooster reminds us that, ultimately, it is ourselves and our abilities that are most important as we progress along the path of life. This dynamic Rooster demands we look inward to answer difficult questions . Only with patience & faith can the spirit of this Rooster year emerge fully. Many thanks to our trusted herbal suppliers at Far East Summit.

Happy New Year

Michael Phelps Gets Cupping

Chinese Medicine helped Michael Phelps in the Olympics. Cupping has been used for thousands of years in China. We use it at East-West Acupuncture Clinic to stop pain, loosen tight muscles, increase blood flow to the area & also to open up the lungs (asthma, cough,ect)  click here to see more

The Five Free Theraphies

pexels-photo-12347Happy Holidays everyone. How about a Healthy New Years Resolution.

Here’s what I call the Five Free Therapies

1) Good Diet , which means a diet that’s right for you. Of course avoiding sugar, preservatives,colors

eating organic if possible

2) Exercise: Aerobic & Anaerobic at least a couple of times a week better yet 3-4, yes walking counts too

3) Sleep: Getting good rest at nite using good sleep hygiene (break from computer/TV before bed, dark

room, warm bath can help,ect)

4) Relaxation/Meditation: Doing Tai Qi, Qi Gong or even silent meditation sitting on a pillow on floor

using deep belly breathing letting what ever comes up come up but not holding on to our thoughts

5) Positive Attitude on Life: Glass is half full, too easy to think of what went wrong when so many things

go right. An old saying is Attitude is Everything!


Remember that East-West Acupuncture is not just here when you’re hurting but here to help you on your path to real Wellness! Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine can help with this.

Moxibustion Heat Theraphy

Moxa Stick
Moxa Stick

We’re having a cold day today in Portland, Oregon. I’m thinking of  the warm heat we use in Chinese Medicine Moxibustion or Moxa. The most common way of using Moxa is the Moxa Stick which is a rolled up cigar of moxa. Moxa mainly made up of Mugwort a Chinese Herb. Moxa can also be applied to the body in small cones (direct moxa). Moxa helps warm the body and is also thought to build energy.

Feels warm & wonderful Helpful in back pain
Feels warm & wonderful
Helpful in back pain


Nature Walk

Last Saturday I went on a hike at the Nature Conservancy Preserve in West Linn (Camassia)

There were many beautiful flowers but the one that caught my eye was the Camas Lilly.

It usually blooms in April but we saw this wonderful blue flower in May. The Native Peoples

used the tuber as food too so this has been an important plant in the Willamette Valley for

some time. It’s late spring, so get out and enjoy the beauty of Oregon!Camas Lilly 004

Feel the Peel

Orange Peel 001Orange Peel is chock full of good things for our bodies. Did you know it has anti-cancer properties? The flavonoids in Orange Peel have an ability to inhibit cancer & inflammation in general. Also they help lower LDL or Bad Cholesterol. Orange Peel also helps with Heartburn & other Digestive Problems. The Peel or Zest can be added to many dishes like stir-frys to give a wonderful taste. Chinese Herbal Medicine uses many varieties of Citrus Peels to help move the Qi particularly in the digestive system. So please buy Organic & then have fun and health with this great food!


Raw Zucchini Noodles with Kale Pesto

Kale 002Kale is an incredible food. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants plus it’s low in calories! Zucchini is loaded with folate, vitamin A & potassium.  Here is a recipe for a healthy summer dish that’s good for you and tasty too, click here to get the details!



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Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods are very good for us. I have a recent favorite Kombucha. These foods help to replenish our gut micro flora (good bacteria in our intestinal tract). Chinese Medicine says these foods have a sour taste (Yes they do!) and that this taste goes to & works with our Liver.You might say that having good gut flora can help the Liver as it doesn’t need to work so hard. Some other examples of fermented foods are Kim Chi (delicious), Sauerkraut and Kefir, although because it’s a cultured milk product I like the other choices better. So raise a bottle of Kombucha or try some of the great new varieties of KIm Chi today
Ko 001

How to Eat Healthy when your Busy

strawberries.jpgHere’s a great reminder on healthy eating even when we don’t have the time to cook.

Remember chewing your food is important too. Read more here



How to Know When Acupuncture is Working

Generally, when considering Acupuncture for a problem it can take multiple treatments. One could say it’s  a process. Here is an article that can help you determine if you feel it’s helping. Read more here 

PS: From my own experience I get so relaxed and in touch with myself when I get Acupuncture that this is an easy journey!

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