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Chinese Herbs

Free & Easy (Xiao Yao Wan)

Free & Easy which is also called Rambling Powder is the most prescribed formula
in the USA. Why? Well, it’s a great Chinese Herbal Formula for premenstrual tension.
This might manifest as moodiness, breast distension, bloating and generally feeling
out of sorts especially the week before menses. It can be a miracle for patients who have this pattern which is called Liver Qi Stagnation usually caused by physical and/or emotional distress. Yes, this formula can be great for women but it’s good for men too. Another key indicator is tenderness under the ribcage (esp on the right), and a wiry (like a guitar string) pulse. The main herbs are bupleurum a cooling, drying herb that relaxes the Liver (actual lab results say it can detoxify the Liver), Dang Gui a warm moistening herb which nourishes the Liver & Blood & White Peony also moistens is slightly cooling & relaxes the Liver. Finally, White Atractylodes & Poria help to strengthen the digestive system & build energy. Overall, this is a well-balanced formula that can help with stress, PMS, Digestive Problems & much more.


6 Spices for Health & Flavor


We all know Spices make food taste better, but did you know they have many Health Benefits?

Tumeric & Ginger are anti-inflamatory. Both of these Spices are herbs used in many Chinese Herbal Formulas

You can find out more here

Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea 001Drinking Green Tea is a Healthy habit, but did you know it can help with

weight loss? Here at East-West Acupuncture Clinic in Portland we like aBlack Dragon 002

formula called Black Dragon for weight loss. Guess what the primary

ingredient is Green Tea. This is because Green Tea has been shown to

increase fat burning and boost metabolic rate. Another study indicated

that fat oxidation was increased by 17%, Green Tea may selectively

increase the burning of fat. Oh yes Green Tea has many other benefits

such has lowering your chance of cancer & improving brain function. So

lift your cup high & drink up it’s good for you.


Herbal Formulas for the Cold & Flu Season


Yes our Oregon Sunshine (rain) is back with us too.  This is also the time of year when people start

getting sick. I will show you some Chinese Herbal Formulas that can help prevent & resolve colds

and Flu. Please note that we only sell Chinese Herbal Formulas to patients & that diagnosing the problem

helps get a more effective formula (this is part of an Acupuncture Tx or an Herbal Consult at East-West

Acupuncture Clinic).


Jade Screen  is a commonly used formula in Asia for the prevention of sickness in the winter. It contains Astragulus an herb known to boost the immune system.


Yin Qiao is a good  formula for sore throat (that scratchy feeling)  at the beginning of a cold or especially a fever. It has herbs that moisten the throat & also herbs that are colder which reduce fever. We carry this001 and also Yin Qiao with Echinancea which broadens the use of this formula by adding the Western herb Echinancea. This has been a very effective formula.


Cold Quell is a modern formula that’s made up of two ancient effective formulas. It treats colds & flu & especially in women & even more especially premenstrually. However it can be taken by men & women at any time. This formula contains isatidis to help with viruses & bacteria and Forsythia/Lonicera to sooth 007sore throat





Gan Mao Ling is a wonderful formula for colds & flu that I have used myself many times. It contains an herb Isatidis which has an anti-viral/anti-microbial effect. This formula is colder than Yin Qiao & I generally use it when a cold or flu has lingered.


Ge Gen Tang is a formula to use with a cold (the patient feels cold) & symptoms like tight neck & shoulders, bronchitis, sinus problems however this formula should be used with caution with a person who has hypertension003

Dang Gui the Woman’s Herb

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Dang Gui (Angelica Sinensis) Is an important herb for woman’s health. Chinese Herbs are known & used by flavor & temperature. Dang Gui has a Acrid (Pungent), sweet & slightly bitter flavor. It is warm. It is used to treat diseases of Blood. In formulas it is used to supplement or build Blood (an example would be postpartum blood loss, move Blood (to treat pain), regulates menstruation (I have used it many times to regulate menstrual cycles) & finally to moisten the intestines for constipation. Modern research shows that Dang Gui can excite & inhibit (relax) the smooth muscles of the uterus. Dang Gui does not contain Estrogen.