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Boosting Immunity in trying times

Well, here we are about a month into the Covid-19 outbreak in the US. I think by now everyone knows that hand washing,

social distancing, staying home (esp if sick) & not touching our face are important. What I don’t hear much of is trying to

build our immune function. A strong immune function will fight this virus strongly. Yes, once again, pay attention to getting

enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet (lots of veggies best organic), getting exercise & going outside in Nature, I do want to

add a couple of things to that list, first meditation or Qi Gong/Tai Qi are known to benefit the immune system. Did you know

that deep, slow belly breathing actually calms you down, which makes your immune system work much better. Finally, a positive

attitude can go a long way in these stressful times.

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