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Welcome to East-West Acupuncture in Portland, OR! Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helps with Allergies, Digestion, Infertility, Neck/Back Pain, and more.

Part of a Healthy Portland Lifestyle Since 1980

  • Do you have a Chronic Illness?
  • Are you in Pain or Stressed all the time?
  • Are you concerned with the side-effects of Medication?
  • Have you been told to “Just live with it”?

The Ancient Healing Power of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine CAN HELP YOU!

Why Choose Us?

  • ACNineteen Years of Experience
  • Individualized Treatment -Tailored to you, not a one size fits all approach.
  • Specialization – 2 year Post-Graduate Certificate in Chinese Gynecology.
  • We Take the Time to Treat You – First Visit 1½ hour, the next are 1 hour.
  • We accept & bill all insurance that covers acupuncture

Treatment of Pain, Digestive Disorders, Infertility and More!

It’s not just Acupuncture: We may use Moxa, Cupping, Tui na massage.

You will be assessed for Chinese Herbs if they are applicable, at no charge.

The Acupuncture Stop-Smoking Program helping Hundreds of Portland’ers Kick the habit!

Recently, Steve has completed a program in MPT (Micro Current Positional Tuina). This is an amazing new method of relieving Pain using a mobile micro current device and pulling shortened muscles back into place. We are seeing amazing results with this.

Call for a free 20 minute Consultation or a First Visit (503) 231-4101

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Alkaline Foods

photo (15)

I often get questions about alkaline/acid foods and their effect on the body. American’s tend to eat a high Acid Diet. Here is a post about Healthy Eating especially alkaline foods and their effect on the body, click here to read more


Enjoy Steve


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